Women is an Inspiration

This International Women’s Day, MyAnatomy brings to you a mega event Shagun aimed at appreciating the many contributions made by women, reaching out to women in need, and applauding the women shining like dots and changing the social landscape of the country.

Shagun appreciates people who inspire and we believe every women inspires. Appreciation is a fuel to further contributions.

  • Thank you women, for being the best parent
  • Thank you women, for being the best boss
  • Thank you women, for spreading love
  • Thank you women, for playing a great host
  • Thank you for the bright smile that has lit my day

Thank you for all that you’ve done.

You make us trust, think, believe, help, learn, give back and love. We cannot thank you enough.

And as we embark on this journey to recognise and appreciate women, let us take a moment to talk about women as inspiration.

We’d be more than glad if you too could take some time out and identify women who’ve stimulated and motivated you. You can choose to keep your inspiration in your mind’s closet or add here in the comments section, so we’d be glad to read and know those women too.

It could be

  • her smile that makes your day
  • the flavours she adds to spice up your life
  • the grit with which does her duties
  • the charisma she carries along
  • her being the solution-finder to all your problems
  • her never falling short of words

The list can be a never-ending one.

What she does, makes a difference

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Making ends meet, she’s an integral part of not just her family but the economy too. This women is sometimes exposed to harsh weather conditions; come what may she pushes herself, because no one else would do what she can do for her family as a support system. Adding flavours to our lives, all that she does is for a meagre income that could help her children’s education, the hookah-pani at home or some unforeseen expenses.

Celebrate the capability and potential within her

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It is the sheer passion and tenacity in her that got Meena Bindra into starting her own home-based business at an age, where many women decide to fit themselves into a homemaker frame giving their 24/7 dedication to family and good-housekeeping.

Cruising on a high-growth path, the salwar-kameez business fairing a good amount of pocket money in its initial phases is now the Biba brand. It shows an exemplary transition of a women and that of a home-based business becoming an empire. The brand giving tough market competition fetches an annual revenue of more than 600 Crores.

Women changing the social landscape

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For most women, there is no greater calling than that of motherhood. It lifts the spirits of women. The trend of women going for adoption is now catching up like never before. We have some shining examples of women who give birth not from the womb, but from the heart. For these women, it is all about love and not the DNA factor. Often times, such women have to face family and the society that stands in the way of adoption and considers it social taboo.

Such women are an inspiration too, who raise not the flesh of their flesh, nor the bone of their bone, but yet children miraculously their own.

Rising like a phoenix

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For some women, it is very difficult to choose between a successful career and a happy marriage. So is the plight of the protagonist in Sudha Murthy’s work - Gently falls the Bakula. Shrimati abandons all her aspirations to lead a happy married life and become an uncomplaining shadow behind her successful husband.

The journey to how she finally examines the decisions she took in her life that put her interests and ambitions on a toll and how further she rises from there to being a women who takes up on her long cherished dreams, is truly inspiring.

Just around you

Women belong in all places and every women inspires us in a way the other can’t. And it is these women, who steer the change around us and it is these women even the world recognises and appreciates.

We’d love to know bits from you… which we believe you’d add in the comments section below.

It is the way we appreciate women who inspire that kindles a zeal to keep them going. Speak up, let the women know how you feel about them.

Buh Bye for now and loads of wishes for a Happy International Women’s Day!